Covered Porches
Covered Porches create outside luxury

A covered porch offers a great transition to the outside or backyard. Especially when it's raining, you can just run up the walk and jump into shelter without worrying about getting wet or having muddy nasty shoes on a clean floor.

A covered porch is great for rocking chairs, lazy days and lemonade. It is the quiet resting place for the family. Built on the front, it is the perch from which the goings-on of the neighborhood can be surveyed; off the back it can expand a family room or den.

Unique Styles Custom Home Builders recommends you think about these things.

1. If built correctly, it can be a serious enhancement to the home's curb appeal or overall value. Part of the planning process involves placement of the porch-front, side or back-as well as porch size, type, style and material.

2. There are many big decisions involved in the process and construction of such a spacious area. Here's a basic rundown of the big decisions to make when adding a covered porch.

Some homeowners will begin the porch project with a clear thought on location. For a home in desperate need of some curb appeal or rehabbing, the front porch may be a no-brainer. For others, the porch might be built over an existing deck in the back of the home. But this big investment deserves a little location consideration and can be subject to limitations.Size limitations or not, nothing makes a first impression quite like a front porch or that of a covered porch.
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